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[X60] 1.5.1 - 20111122 [please check]
2012-03-27, 21:57 GMT (This post was last modified: 2012-03-27 21:58 GMT by Zetmolm.)
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RE: 1.5.1 - 20111122 [please check]
(2012-03-26 07:26 GMT)yabayiba Wrote:  I just updated my X60 (the white version with the wheel button design) to 1.5.1. The upgrade process went flawless. However, the device shuts down immediately after starting up and showing the root menu. Please help.

If you have a wheel button, I don't think you have an X60 but a 60.
How old is it? I get the impression that none of firmware versions published after April 2011 run properly on the first batches of the Boox 60 (early 2010).
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